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Ángel Garrido, born in Caracas, Venezuela.
Graphic designer and artist specialized in calligraphy and lettering.
He studied graphic design at the Digital Design Center, Caracas Venezuela.
Leaving Venezuela, he is preparing to do a postgraduate degree in Branding and graphic identity creation at the SEEWAY design school, in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain.
He currently resides in Medellín, Colombia, where he dedicates himself to tattooing and develops his work focused on calligraphy, lettering and his abstract work “gextura”.

GarridoDesign has specialized in calligraphy and lettering for 7 years, where he has sought to develop calligraphic works with inspiring messages and also his abstract work.

Both techniques seek to develop them in different media such as murals, tattoos, in the digital world and in the customization of fashion garments.
During his work Garrido has managed to participate in different events such as:

- Drink & draw de Betahaus Barcelona, Spain 2018.
- El Creative Morning Barcelona, Spain. Live painting. 2020
- El Festival de intervenciones artísticas en calles y comercios de Lavapiés, Madrid,Spain. 2020.
- Urbanfest Cultura inquieta Getafe, Spain 2020.
- WRITERS JAM, Barcelona. 31-1-2021. Spain.
- Meeting of style, Copenhagen 2021. Denmark.
- Pintografía fest, Medellín, Colombia. 2022

- Collective exhibition B-local. Barcelona,Spain. 2020
- Expo 20/20 docOSTEOcam. Brest, France. 2021
- Virtual exhibition, The Holy Art gallery. London, England. 2022.

By specializing in calligraphy, it has allowed him to teach workshops:
- Calligraphy with flat tip 2019, Barcelona. Spain.
- Brush pen calligraphy + Flat tip 2020. In collaboration with Ana Vega (@soyletrista)

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